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BONSHAW Tourism and History


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Bonshaw is a small rural centre some 106Km west of Tenterfield on the Bruxner Way. Like many towns in this area, it is just south of the Queensland border, with the most noted access being to the west of Bonshaw where people can visit Texas.

Fishing is a popular recreation in the many streams in the area.

Bonshaw lies on the northern edge of what used to be a thriving tobacco growing area and remnants of this past industry may still be seen

Heading west from Bonshaw along the Bruxner Way you will find two attractions. The first of these is the Bonshaw Weir (turnoff to the north) which is clearly signposted. This provides a free camping area with amenities right on the banks of the Dumaresq River. Travelling further (about 28Km from Bonshaw and maybe 50m past the turnoff to Texas and to the south) is Goat Rock. Another place worth visting.

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The following photo is a picture of the old Bonshaw Hotel. The writing on the bottom of the photo is as follows: "Bonshaw Hotel, built in 1891: this photo was taken Xmas 1894: destroyed by fire New Year's Eve 1988.".

Historic Bonshaw Hotel circa 1894

The photo is by courtesy of David Sharpe.

The Bonshaw connection with Captain Thunderbolt"


During the height of the tobacco growing in the area, it was not uncommon for Arthur Williams to arrive at various properties and instead of the number of children whom were at that stop the day before to suddenly have another 3 or more children to catch the bus to school. Or to have children sitting along side the road waiting to catch the bus.

Before Arthur & Elvy bought the large bus, they collected the children from the end of the bus run then bought them into school, collecting all who could fit into the bus, before doubling back to collect all whom were unable to fit into the bus on the previous trip. Elvy also collected more children for the school after she had completed her bus run.

It was during this era that children completed year 6 then left school, both Eileen and Elvy's children completed year 6 and then left school. This is apart from Gail whom spent a short time at high school. Eileen can recall driving Gail into Texas for approximatly 6 weeks to allow her to atend high school. She also recalls driving her over the river to allow her to catch the bus to high school. When the river was to high to cross Gail stayed with a family that lived over there. In the end, however, Gail was to leave high school, as in the end it just became to hard with the family's other commitments.

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