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This page is designed to provide space for people of the Community to provide local history information about their community and to provide links to relevant history sites related to this community. The management of this site realises that this list may not be complete.

If you know of a local history site that services this community but is not listed here, or would like to use this site to promote your local history, please Email us (using the button at the bottom of this page) and let us know the details, including the community to which you are referring.

Genealogy Links

Hello my name is Barbara Hodgson and I wonder if you can help me. My ancestors  came from Gulargumbone,  the Blowes family and the Law family . We have always been told that we have aboriginal blood and now kt is crucial we find out as my daughter has two foster children who are part aboriginal and docs are talking of putting them with an aboriginal family. I might add one of them she has had for 5 years since he was 4 days old we dearly love these children, my father always told us he was part aboriginal and one of my nephews is always being mistaken for one. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. If not could you give me the email address of someone who may be able to help my fathers name was Lancelot Charles Blowes; his father was William Francis Blowes; his mother was Mary anne Law.  Thank you

Brabara Hodgson  REPLY

6 May 2016.

This is a story about 2 local brothers that joined the army to go to war in the first world.  Their names were Sid and Jack Jenkins.
Sid was killed but Jack came back and married a local girl, Catherine Ryan. They had 5 sons, and moved away to the big smoke.
Their youngest son had 4 sons, one died but the other three and his grandson are in Gulargambone to march in the Anzac march on Anzac day, 2017.
I thought this was a little bit of interest.
 Merle Jenkins 12 cudgegong St, Budgewoi 2262.

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