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Guyra Photo Gallery

The following photographs are small representations of the bigger picture. You may view the full size version by clicking on the small picture. In some cases (where a button is supplied) this action requires a Java® Activated Browser.

All photographs in this gallery were taken by Bob Burling and Diana Helmrich

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Recreational Facilities
More photographs by Sean Plunket
Guyra Snow

Panoramic View of Mother of Ducks Lagoon

This 180o panoramic view of Mother of Ducks Lagoon is taken from 8 separate photographs. Clicking anywhere on the overview graphic will take you to a full size photograph containing the point you selected. From this point you may then move left or right through all of the photographs used.

Southerly View South South West View South West View West South West View Westerly View West North West View North West View Northerly View

Bradley St.
The main street (Bradley St.) of Guyra looking towards the north.
Lamb & Potato Statue
Guyra is renowned for its lamb and potato production. This statue, alongside the New England Highway at the rest spot, symbolises these.
Scene from the Lamb & Potato Festival
To celebrate its Lamb and Potato production, Guyra has a special fortnight long festival towards the end of January each year where those passing through Guyra can stop and savour the food for themselves. These three photos are of a recent Lamb and Potato Festival, typifying the way the town promotes itself to the tourist trade.
Scene from the Lamb & Potato Festival
Scene from the Lamb & Potato Festival

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