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This page has been allocated to the community to allow local people to provide local news and to provide a link to local newspaper websites. The management of this site realises that this list may not be complete.

List of Regional Newspapers

The Inverell Times. 37 Vivian St., Inverell. 2360. 6720 0100


A stark contrast against the overcast skies of Inverell this afternoon (1st Nov, 2006) was the Holden Blimp with it's ultra large TV Screen. The photos below show the vessel on three different angles. The vessel spent a conisiderable amount of time over the town allowing a good view from most points as it sent out its advertising message, associated with its visit. The screen is approximately 21metres in length.

Holden BlimpHolden BlimpHolden Blimp

STORY DATE: 1st November, 2006

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