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MUNGINDI Photo Gallery

The following photographs are small representations of the bigger picture. You may view the full size version by clicking on the small picture.

All photographs in this gallery were taken by R. J. Burling

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Mungindi History Park

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1.The Barwon River
These photographs show a range of views in and around Mungindi. The photo at the top left was taken with 'one foot in Queensland and one foot in New South Wales'. The border runs down the centre of the river and under the centre of the bridge and whilst there is no exact marker on the bridge to indicate the point, most people take the centre of the bridge as being the point, the choice of the exact spot at this time is really yours. These photos were taken back in 2001.

The photographs are as follows:

1. The Barwon River

2. The bridge over the Barwon River

3. The commemorative plaque for the completion of the flood levee around Mungindi. The text of this plaque can be seen in the tourism page.

4 & 5 Views of St George St., the main street of Mungindi

6. The Mungindi Post Office

7. The Cotton Gin belonging to Namoi Cotton, located on the Boomi Road just to the east of Mungindi

8. The Anglican Church

9. The Catholic Church

10. The Mungindi Swimming Pool Complex

2.The Barwon River Bridge
3.Levee Bank Commemorative Plaque
4.St George St., Mungindi
5.St George St., Mungindi
6.Mungindi Post Office
7.Cotton Gin
8.Anglican Church
9.Catholic Church
10.Mungindi Swimming Pool Complex

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