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Mungindi Gallery


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  • March: Mungindi Art Show

  • May: Annual Show

  • Queen's Birthday Weekend: Murphy Cup Tennis

  • July: Picnic Races

Mungindi lies across the border between Queensland and New South Wales with many of the towns facilities lying in one state or the other. When one crosses the bridge (see Photo Gallery) you can stand straddling both the border and the Barwon River.

As a result of this, the town, despite it's size, has two police stations, one on either side of the bridge representing their respective states.

The name Mungindi is an aboriginal (Kamilaroi) word meaning Water Hole by the River.

Cotton is now a major industry in the district with Namoi Cotton Cooperative having set up a major cotton gin in the town.

As well, the rich country also features wool, beef cattle and wheat as other major industries.

By its very location, Mungindi sometimes finds itself isolated by flood waters. The plaque below, commemorates the completion of a levee bank system that protects the town during such times. The actual monument can be seen in the Photo Gallery

Plaque commemorating the completion of the levee bank

Fishing is one of the major attractions with the fishing spots along the river system between Mungindi and Boomi being amongst the best inland spots in Australia.

Sites of interest in the area include:

  • One Ton Post: Erected in 1881 by John Cameron to commemorate the surveying of the border and lies 5Km west of Mungindi where the border fence leaves the river and heads to the South Australian Border
  • Neeworra Historical Site: 11Km east of Mungindi on the Carnarvon Highway, it is the site of the Neeworra Wine Shanty
  • Historical Park: On the eastern edge of the town (see photographs in the Photo Gallery.
  • Mungindi Gallery
  • Longest Road Train: A road train 1,235 m (4,052.8 ft) long and consisting of 87 trailers and a single prime mover was assembled near Mungindi on the 29th March, 2003. This feat was achieved at the Mighty Mungindi Truck and Trailer Pull. See story on ABC's Landline programme site.

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