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Hytide are an experienced, young, enthusiastic band who perform a wide variety of music styles, including rock, pop, various instrumentals along with their own pieces. This fresh-faced band have many titles to there name, including the 2005 winner of the North West 'Battle of the Bands.' They have also been selected as featured artists to perform in the 2006 Western School Spectacular which will be held in June.

We have been together as a band since 2005, but our music has long been a major part of our lives. Our ages range from 14-17, and we have all been professionally tutored on each of our chosen instruments since the age of 7. In order to add diversity to our music, we incorporate each of our instruments, including the violin, saxophone, clarinet, along with the rhythm and electric guitar, drumkit and bass.

Janita and Annie have been writing and performing their own compositions for many years, as a band we have been able to express our own opinions, thoughts and experiences through our songs.

For more information contact Janita Klein on (02) 6842 2418 or email neata_89@msn.com