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The regional sports page has been designed for people to be able to place results of sport across the region, particularly for those overseas who want to know what is happening with our local sport whilst they are on holidays, leave or with work commitments.

If you wish to submit results on a regular basis, please email us (be sure to include your role in the sport and a phone contact) or you can fax us on 67713811.

For results of weekend events, A RESULTS FORM is now on line to enable reports to be filled in and sent.

Whilst we will endeavour to print genuine results, no responsibility will be taken for false results. If you find results in this section that are wrong please advise us immediately.

As regular sports become a feature of the site, special pages will be dedicated to those sports.

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This site is maintained by a group of volunteers. We strive to do our best but sometimes things are overlooked. If you find things that you deem incorrect or if you know of things and links that could enhance this site, which is primarily a dedicated link site containing only basic information, then please EMAIL us (using the button to the right) so that we can include it. All assistance is greatly welcomed.
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