Northern New South Wales




3rd October, 2018

Over the last few days it is possible that you were on the receiving end of some spam mail that is suggesting that it came from us. This is not the case. Our very small team of volunteers only ever send out mail to individuals, mostly in answer to a query that has been made. We do not use bulk mailing.

So far, in over 15000 undelivered mail notifications, we have determined that they seem to be doing 2 things:

      1. Offering work positions

      2. Referring the recipient to a web address

We are a group of volunteers and offer no employment to anyone, nor do we ever refer you to a website unless you have specifically have requested that information. In all mail, your original letter to us will be a part of our reply, so if there is no such content, it is not from us.

Over the past few days, our small group of volunteers has had to spend wasted hours checking each spam response, to check for genuine mail amongst the rubbish. Our volunteers time is precious to each one, so wasting time checking mail does not make people very happy.

The number of rejects we have had to go through, indicate that the actual number generated and sent is possibly in the tens of thousand, all unwanted by the recipients concerned. They have also indicated that they may have been computer generated Email addresses, indicating that this may continue. They also appear to be sending from an unknown address which must be using our Email address as a 'REPLY TO' address. A check though our mail server is also not showing any abnormal outgoing mail traffic, thus making it impossible for us to put a stop to the garbage.

We do apologise for this and, if anyone can help us to track down the source of this attack, we would appreciate you let us know so that we can try and put an end to this gross inconvenience that is affecting us all.

7th October, 2018: today we have determined a third option being offered in this spam. It promotes a supposed service we offer and you are to read the new conditions. We do not know what this link does but we highly reccommend that you DO NOT cllick on the link. As of this morning, the number of rejected spam mail notices we have received has now exceeded 20,000.