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Torrington Photo Gallery

The following photographs are small representations of the bigger picture. You may view the full size version by clicking on the small picture.

All photographs in this gallery and throughout the Torrington site were taken by Hylda Bracewell

Main Gallery
Nature Gallery
Torrrington Village
Nomads Picnic Area and Torrington Lookout
Westminster Rocks

Nomads Picnic Area
Nomads Picnic Area

A very pleasant picnic area has been established at the site settled in the early 1970's by Lou Meyrick, an avid amateur naturalist. This area was known locally as 'The Nomads Retreat'. The shelter shed contains original stonework and chimney and outside, the paling fence remains. Fire places, tables, and toilet are provided.

Nomads Picnic Area
Large Rocks
Westminster Rocks, or Cathedral Rocks. Large granite boulders are to be seen in abundance around Torrington. This particular group of rocks is on the graded walk to the Mystery Face. A very popular bush walk, this track takes the visitor in and around this massive outcrop of granite rocks.
Closer view at base of large rocks
Mushroom Rock
The walk to the Mystery Face passes many interestingly shaped rocks. Leaving the car park on the way to the 'Face', your imagination will run riot at the "Caterpillar Rock", the "Easter Egg", the "Big Mac", and (a) "Mushroom Rock" and (b) Mushroom Rock and Lions Head.
Mushroom Rock and Lions Head
Pigs Face
Pig's Face

No imagination needed for this rock formation. Some call this the Boar's Head, but whichever you prefer, this rock just begs to be photographed.

Mystery Face
Mystery Face

At the end of the track, the "Mystery Face" reveals itself. There certainly is a mystery surrounding this rock, as many say that nature has weathered this rock into a very real face, while others are of the opinion that man has carved the rock face. Why not visit the Mystery Face and see for yourself.

Big rock with small rocks on top
Torrington is a very pretty area. Wildflowers colour the countryside in the spring, the creeks gurgle over granite rocks, and the huge granite outcrops and balancing rocks amongst the tall trees beckon the bushwalkers and nature lovers.
Bottom Rock
Mail being delivered on horseback
Mail being delivered.

The village of Torrington enjoys a mail service four days per week. The mail is brought to the village by vehicle, but is delivered around the village by the 'postie on horseback'.

Now, that is worth a look!

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