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OLD BONALBO Tourism and History


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The village of Old Bonalbo lies on the connection road between the Lindsay Highway in the north and the Bruxner Highway to the south at approximately the halfway point.

Surrounded by large timber stands, much of the employment in the community relates to either timber or agriculture.

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Many years ago my father recalled to me a story of an event which occurred in Old Bonalbo.

As the story goes in the early 1930's a plane became lost one night and began circling Old Bonalbo.

Some of the local residents realizing the predicament lined up their cars with the headlights on and plane landed in a local farmers paddock with some damage to the undercarriage.

The plane was apparently the Southern Cloud which later crashed at Cooma in 1931 and wasn't found until 1958.

The plane was repaired but it was realised the paddock was too short for a normal takeoff.

The story goes that Sir Charles Kingsford Smith turned up to retrieve the plane. There was a large gum tree nearby and he apparently asked that a rope be tied to the rear of the plane and the engines throttled up to full power. The rope was cut with an axe and the plane then after a much shorter taxi than normal made it safely into the air.

You may be able to identify the exact location of this event for us.


This verification note from Lance Minnis: The farmer who owned the farm at the time was George Minnis. the plane landed 1st January 1930. The flight was from Brisbane going to Sydney. The axe man was Andy Minnis.

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