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We now have fixed banners on our Accommodation, Business and other sub-pages across the Northern NSW Regional Internet Site (currently more than 190 centres giving you over 1500 pages on which to place your banner). The maximum number of these banners will be limited to just 1 on all pages for each centre in our region. These banners will only display your advertisement banner only and not cycle as do other banner advertising. This limit of 1 banner, per page means that you have the exclusive advertising on that page. You choose whether you want a horizontal or vertical banner on the page of your choice.

Advertising will not be permitted on the photo gallery pages of a site.

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There are conditions that will apply to such advertising.
  • As we are a "family" oriented web site, we reserve the right to reject businesses or banners that we do not deem as fitting this ideal.
  • The banners are of a fixed size, 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels high (the size of the banner above) for horizontal banners and 120 pixels wide by 600 pixels high for vertical banners ( the size of the banner at the side).
  • Banners may be provided by you or we can do them for you. You can also simply provide a link to your banner on another web site. Linked banners will be constantly reviewed to ensure they meet our standards code.
  • Banners may be animated or fixed.
  • Banners should be limited in physical size to ensure speedy loading (the banner at the top of this page is only 10Kb in size).
  • Banners can be used to link to your own web pages if relevant.
  • Banners must not be offensive in any way.
  • Payment for the banner's presence must be made in advance.
  • There is a limit of one banner per business per page.
  • Multi-page inserts will be quoted as per the need. (see our special buy below)

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The cost of the banner space is as shown in the table below. These prices are a fixed rate and are not dependent upon how many 'clickm thoughs' your banner receives. This means that you know, beforehand, exactly what your cost will be.

Sub Page Banners $AU200.00
Multi Buy Banners
10 Sub Page Banners
(same banner)

SUB PAGE BANNERS: These are the additional pages to each community set such as the accommodation, business and tourism pages. These banners are limited to one per page but are fixed. Once you have obtained your spot you are the only one on that page. These banners do not rotate. The banner can be placed either at the top of the page (as on this page) or at the side of the page (as on this page). These banners are not available for the Photo Gallery or District Map pages.

MULTI BUY BANNERS: These consist of 10 banners on sub-pages (you choose sub pages that currently have no banners). These banners can be vertical or horizontal but must use the same banner for all pages to qualify for this deal. This offer is for 12 month period only.

Special prices may be obtained for other combinations of entries.

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Other Information

If you would like to place your advertisment banner on an accommodation or business page within the Northern NSW Regional Internet Site, just Email us and reserve your space. Please be sure to specify the name of your business and the town to which it is associated. Also, indicate whether or not you will be providing the banner or want us to create one for you. Once your reservation has been accepted, we will forward you an Email Invoice to allow payment. We will also make arrangements at that point for your banner collection/creation.

To advertise, simply contact Email us and discuss your actual needs. You can supply your own banner (468 pixels wide and 60 pixels high- horizontal - or 120 pixels wide by 600 pixels high - vertical) as either a straight .GIF file (your computer graphics people will understand this terminology) or as an animated gif file (same sizes) or as a .jpeg (non-animated).

Alternatively, we can design the banner for you. This is a 'once off' cost, unless you decide to change the banner. The costs of such a banner start as little as $60.00 for a plain banner. Animated banners will be more, depending upon the requirements of design. You will need to supply such items as logos and other special graphics should they be required as a part of the banner.

Monthly accounts will be payable at the beginning of each month as a monthly pre- payment by bank trannsfer only.

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Northern NSW Regional Internet Promotions
P.O. Box 1032, Inverell. NSW. 2350. Australia
Email us

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