The sites on this page link to a variety of maps that will enable you to help plan trips. These maps are owned by others and, as such, we have no control over either the quality or accuracy of these web pages. However, we do understand that the owners of these sites do try to maintain a high standard. A number of sites are used because of different features and, below each link, we will endeavour to give you some idea of the value of the site.

Access to the Travelmate Map Site

For detailed maps on travelling between most towns in northern New South Wales (as well as the whole of Australia), please use the Travelmate Mapmaker link button below. A number of options pertaining to travel between two centres is available and all you need do is enter the origin and destination of your trip and the appropriate infromation is provided. It is worth noting. however, that this site chooses the shortest route and not necessarily the best one. Often the shortest routes are just dirt roads that may even be impassable in wet weather. On the whole, though these maps are quite a valuable tool

At the bottom of the page that will open, you will see a box where you can choose the name of a single town you require. Enter the name of the town (using the default NSW option for this region) and you will find your map, if it is available. You will note that these maps are only very basic and do not give a great deal of detail of street names and the like, however, many smaller communities are included on this site which are not found on other sites.

NRMA Map Site

This site has a few features that are different. There are a number of selections available including detailed regional maps and street maps of major towns in the rgion (as well as other parts of New South Wales).

The detailed regional maps use Java applets so your browser will need to be Java activated. You simply enter the area required and it will produce a list of the available maps. Whcih can then be selected and viewed. Some maps are even available as .pdf files that can be viewed and printed using Adobe Reader.

With the street maps option, you simply use the drop-down menu provided to select the town you require. It then loads the map as a .pdf file that can be printed or saved to your computer.

Our own regional map

This map is really only designed to allow you to locate the various communities found within our site. Those listed on the map which have web pages are hyper-linked so it is a simple process to then click the name and open the pages. This site is ideal for allowing you to determine approximate locations in respect to other communities. While relatively to scale, only major linking roads are actually shown. Those requiring more detail should use one of the two options given above.